neljapäev, 6. detsember 2012


All you need:

molds (candy molds, cookie cutters, etc)
sugar (brown, white, vanilla sugar)
food coloring (optional)
cinnamon (optional)
water (2 teaspoons for each cup of sugar)

For every cup of sugar you will need about 2 teaspoon of cold water (and one drop of food colour). The texture of the sugar should resemble with damp sand.

I added cinnamon to the brown sugar, and vanilla seeds (or vanilla sugar) to the while granulated sugar to give them a special aroma and scent,but it is optional:)

Now firmly press the sugar into the molds /cookie cutters, and carefully flip the molds (or jiggle the cookie cutter so the sugar can slide out of it)
It seems a bit tricky, but if you leave the sugar in the molds, it can be harder to get them out of there:)

Let the sugar 'cubes' dry over night, and THAT'S IT.

-Just a short btw.
The coloured cubes will dye your drink, so don't be surprised if your yellow tea turns red


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